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    Spring Cleaning

    Spring Cleaning

    With spring in full effect, my current status has switched to spring cleaning mode. And why not? Whether it’s baby’s first onesie, or a years-old favorite dress— this exercise always seems to re-introduce you to your most cherished mementos. In fact, this April tradition is to me and my little ones, what family photo albums are to my mom or grandparents.

    Past Trips Down Memory Lane

    Everyone has certain items that can be difficult to part with (think baby’s first X-mas outfit). For me, my children’s “newborn attire” are cherished mementos of two times when my life was changed, for the better. Seeing it brings me back to my first moments with them— our return from the hospital, times they spent sleeping in my arms, their first smiles, and so much more. I’m sure you have many similar examples!

    To be sure, each year our spring cleaning enables new beginnings— by providing us with a fresh start. 

    How Baby Resale Shops Factor in

    This year, while you’re sorting through your kids clothing, why not add in a new twist?

    In fact, here’s a challenge: after identifying the cotton-based keepsakes that you simply can’t part with (remember, I know the feeling), donate the rest to your local baby resale shop, non-profit organization or community recycling center.

    If you’re not sure where to find one, a quick google or yelp search will provide quick, helpful answers.

    Donating Your Kid’s Clothing Brands

    Why donate?

    To give others the chance at making memories in the same great kid’s clothing brands your little ones did.

    Besides this though, you’ll be giving back to your local community, while also helping to eliminate/reduce product waste. There’s another reason too: you’ll be starting a new tradition— one that involves healing the Earth!

    About Lullabuy’s

    Lullabuy’s offers a fundraising program designed to help local communities and non-profit organizations. To organize a fundraiser for your church, non-profit, or child’s school contact us at

    Break the Monotony (not the Bank) With Your Days Out

    Break the Monotony (not the Bank) With Your Days Out

    As moms—especially first time ones—we tend to want to give our kids every experience imaginable; in fact, the more the better (or so we think). After all, when we look at photo albums—yes, photo albums—of our own childhood, we see so many adventurous outings we had over the years with our parents. In our quest to be the perfect parent, we could never possibly imagine depriving our little ones of so much fun; and herein lies the catch.

    The “Do Everything now” Trap

    This “do everything now” mindset can trap us into believing that we’ll never be able to visit enough amazing places with our kids. instead, stop over-thinking! I get it: we all want those cute photo-ops at the water park while they’re holding the starfish, the first time they dip their feet in the ocean, and the joy they feel on their first ride at the amusement park… and we’re still certain that we’re forgetting about many others. However, while these are all great ideas and ideals to strive to live up to, a great day out with the kids doesn’t need to be a large-scale endeavor— in fact, it doesn’t even have to strain your budget.

    Modern Moms & the big day Out

    Often times where we’d like to go and where we should go are two different places. For me, I’ve found that the local park, indoor playgrounds, playtime with cousins or grandma’s house often times make for the best days out (really, isn’t anything with grandma that much more fun for them?). These ideas are low maintenance, low cost, and always allow me to get my daughters’ home in time for their naps. Most importantly, I’m able to have just as much—or more— one-on-one time with them and create just as many wonderful memories. Another reason for avoiding the “every day out has to be expensive and over-the-top” trap, when you do finally go on that big budget trip with them, it will stand out in their memories all the more.

    Realize That You’re a Great Mom

    As moms, we often put unnecessary pressure on ourselves. Sure, the choices we make now will shape our kids’ future; but choosing a day at the park over a trip to Sea World isn’t one of them. Just think how excited your little ones get over the simplest things like balloons and chasing their pets and you’ll realize that amazing memories don’t require extensive planning or money. So relax, take a deep breath, and realize that you’re a great mom who’s doing a great job. And after that little bit of re-assurance, strap them in the car for fun with grandma! 


    Modern Moms: Is There Anything we Can't Do?

    Modern Moms: Is There Anything we Can't Do?

           Why does 24 hrs never seem like enough time in the day once you’ve had kids? That’s an easy answer— because it never is! As modern moms, our day never ends. From work and home responsibilities, to trying to fit that beach day or date night into our week— we have our hands full!

             As moms (sorry guys), we’re remarkable in our multi-tasking brilliance. From making sure the kids get to sports practice, to preparing home cooked meals, and a little entrepreneurship sprinkled on top, what don’t we do? Nonetheless, we can all get overwhelmed from time to time. So here are a few tips for maintaining your sparkle when things get tough.

    Realize You are not Alone

    You are not alone: this is the most basic thing you’ll ever need to know. It’s true, countless moms have thrived despite their myriad responsibilities and countless more will continue to— even though they’ve all felt overwhelmed at certain times. As women and moms, we’ve come a long way and we’ll continue to achieve at even higher levels. So what does this mean for you? Even though feelings of stress are inevitable, they don’t actually mean that you’re incapable of succeeding at any of the tasks you have in front of you. 

    Establish a Routine

    While spontaneity is one of the spices of life, establishing a routine is what will help you get through your busy day. For me personally, I need structure in order to be able to function and without it, chaos ensues!  I’m a planner, so thankfully the practice comes relatively easy for me. I’m not saying it always works out perfectly, but my girls have adjusted fairly well and I’ve found that things do tend to get easier the more you stick with a schedule— the hardest part may simply be finding a routine that works well for you.

    Realize That Even if you Can’t “do it all,” you can Still Shine

    Who said you had to do everything, everyday, by yourself? Nobody’s perfect, so no one can ever fault you for being less than perfect and no one is keeping score! The important thing is that enough things are getting done for you and your family to be able to live a successful, stable life. If you need to hire a maid or nanny to achieve this, that’s perfectly fine. Don’t see it as a form of weakness; instead, see it as an example of how you’ll do anything possible to give your family a better life.

    Whew! I feel like I could go on with this topic forever! This was meant as a quick pick-me-up for my fellow moms. I’d love to continue my thoughts on the subject over a few different blog articles and even eventually post some of yours; so stay tuned =)

    5 Ways Parents & Kids Can Go Green Together!

    5 Ways Parents & Kids Can Go Green Together!

    Most people know how much kids love learning new things. You might even say that curiosity is their primary trait. When you’re a parent, you’ll find that the learning process makes even more of an impression on them when they’re having fun. Yes, if you can find a way to make education fun, what they end up learning makes even more of an indelible imprint on their little hearts.


    So why not teach them environmental responsibility— or how to Go Green— from an early age, especially if it can be made fun? After all, they’ll be healing an environment that they’ll eventually end up inheriting. In the spirit of discovery, fun, and parent/ child bonding, here are 5 things you can do together to help heal the environment:



    1. Visit the Recycling Center. Why not give learning how to Go Green a field-trip type feel? A visit to your local recycling center fits this description— perfectly! Convince them that the strange machinery they see are helpful robots and they’re sure to be hooked from the start. Not sure where to find the nearest recycling center? Here’s an excellent resource:
    2. Collect Rainwater?! While Californians aren’t blessed with too much rainfall, when it does rain, it almost seems like a “special event.” Take advantage of this fact— and how much kids love to watch the rain fall— by having them collect some of it. While an adventure outside with an umbrella and bucket may seem strange to us, they’ll love it. What’s even better? The rain water they collect can be used to water all of your household’s plants— without depleting any resources in the process.
    3. Biking and Walking. Here’s an excellent way to teach your little ones environmental responsibility and physical fitness all at the same time. Their discovery that going somewhere doesn’t have to always involve a car ride will help them create great future habits. Just be sure to tell them their walk, hike, or bike ride— in addition to being a fun adventure— is also making us all breathe a little better, by reducing air pollution.
    4. Re-use! Re-use! Re-use! Convince them that having things that are new to them don’t actually have to be brand new. In other words, make trips to the second-hand store fun and educational for them. And what better second-hand store than the library? Here they can find CDs, audio tapes and DVDs— some communities even have toy lending libraries. Teach them that in the case of borrowing, they’ll be giving other kids a chance to have fun with those same toys and DVD’s too.
    5. Read Them Environmentally-Friendly Books. What’s a more classic parent-child activity than the bedtime story? If you can incorporate books that promote an environmentally-friendly message into the nightly ritual, why not? Imagine how thrilled they’ll be when they find out that SpongeBob cares about the environment too! Barnes & Noble’s website is a great resource when it comes to finding environmentally friendly children’s books:


    It has to feel natural and by incorporating little green activities into their lives, it sets them up to making it feel like second nature to them

    Teaching Kids about Environmental Responsiblity

    Teaching Kids about Environmental Responsiblity

    Going Green. Two words that sum up a lot of responsibility. Only healing the Earth doesn’t have to be overwhelming— in fact, it can be a lot of fun. I even suspect that it’s an excellent way to teach kids about responsibility. But where do you begin, when tackling such a serious issue? It’s so complex! How do you explain it all to your children? With a few well-intentioned baby steps, everything will work out just fine.

     Does the Earth Need Medicine?

     I realized that I had taken my first steps when I was out shopping and one of my young daughters looked at me and said, “There’s so many clothes.”

     I had just begun to realize my goal of launching a gently-used kids clothing store… and what I hoped would be a brand that would help lighten the financial burden for parents, while also improving the environment. As a result, I was now in the process of organizing a seemingly endless amount of children’s clothing. When I explained why it was necessary to have piles of clothing strewn all over our otherwise clean home, an interesting thing happened. She put her little hand on her hip, and stared at the carpet. After careful consideration she looked up, her eyes grew wide, and she asked, “Mom, is the earth sicky?” I replied with, “Yes, it can be if we do not take care of it.”  She asked in her 2 year old, evolving language, “Earth needs medicine.” 

     The Green Movement & Lullabuy’s: The Perfect Remedy for the Earth

    From then on, whenever my daughters watched me with work on Lullabuy’s, they understood that they were “giving the Earth medicine.” Isn’t that a great way to describe The Green Movement? Going Green is a remedy for the Earth’s woes that’s more timely than ever— just consider some recent developments.

    California is in an extreme drought and has been, for quite some time. Hurricanes along the East Coast and parts of the South are getting more and more intense. The country as a whole is experiencing harsher winters. The situation is so serious that President Obama— time and time again— has given speeches on the dangers of worldwide climate change and underlined reasons why solutions just won’t wait.

     Why Secondhand Fashion Just Makes Sense

    At Lullabuy’s we want to be a part of the solution. My family and I are doing our very best to leave little green footprints all over our community. We think that secondhand shopping and The Green Movement make a great pair.

    • Pairing up with the community to do buy back back events where schools/organization can organize donations from the community and in turn, we sell the usable goods on the website to fundraise money for the school or organizations.  The remaining clothing will be donated to homeless shelters or recycling textile centers.
    • Options can be through donations whether it is to a friend, homeless shelter, non-profit organization, selling to a store like Lullabuys or finding a recycling textile center.
    •  H&M is a great drop off location for any type of used clothing whether it is in bad to great condition. 
    • A good resource to figure out where to recycle clothing

    Go Green with Lullabuy’s today and start saving money, while helping to heal the Earth.